Palvini Boys Slim Fit SLIM Leg Trouser



Quality Slim Fit Slim Leg Black Trouser with a fixed waist band.

Available in BLACK only.

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A very smart Italian quality Slim leg Fashion School/Office Trouser

Available in BLACK only.

  • Slim fitting with a slim leg
  • and a rigid/fixed waistband
  • two pockets
  • Zip and clasp fastener with over lay button
  • Belt loops & back split pocket
  • complete with concealed mobile phone/iPod zip pocket!
  • Junior sizes Ideal for slim boys ie 26,27,28,29,30B
  • Senior/Men Sizes 30/S and above are slightly more generous in fitting.

Stain Resistance, 67%polyester 33%viscose,

Additional information


Size 26 approx 10-11yrs 25/26"w x 26"inside leg, Size 27 approx 11-12yrs 26/27"w x 27 inside leg, Size 28 approx 12-13yrs 27/28"w x 28"inside leg, Size 29 approx 13-14yrs 28/29"w x 29"inside leg, Size 30 approx 14-15yrs 29/30"w x 30"inside leg, Size 30S approx 28-30"w x 29" inside leg, Size 30R approx 28-30"w x 31" inside leg, Size 32/S approx 30-32"w x 29" inside leg, Size 32/R approx 30-32"w x 31" inside leg, Size 32/L approx 30-32"w x 33" inside leg, Size 34/S approx 32-34"w x 29" inside leg, Size 34/R approx 32-34"w x 31" inside leg, Size 36/S approx 34-36"w x 29" inside leg, Size 36/R approx 34-36"w x 31" inside leg


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